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How to Sew Felt Key Points

How to Sew Felt: Key Points

Still don't know how to sew felt? Do not despair because most people who are just starting to sew felt have doubts and fears. The good news is that making the four basic stitches for felt doesn't involve much mystery.
Felt Red Capia Pepper Sewing Tutorial

Felt Red Capia Pepper Sewing Tutorial & Pattern

Peppers are one of the most extraordinary things about autumn! Typically planted in the spring, pepper plants will begin to produce fruit for you before the summer heat arrives. So yes, as you can see, my mind is on peppers these days, and I thought about making some felt peppers for my daughter's play kitchen.
felt vegetables

How to Make Felt Vegetables

I love making things from felt because they are so easy to sew, and of course, they don't wear out quickly! It can be a great project for making felt toys for kids and that you can do in an afternoon. You can find the instructions and templates you need at the links below.
felt crafts for beginners

Felt Crafts for Beginners – The Complete Guide

I'll talk about the materials and tools you need to help you take the first steps and get started with a felt sewing activity. I will also present you the pieces you can start applying immediately and the most used stitches for embroidering.
Felt Craft Tips

15 Amazing Tips for Working with Felt

No previous experience in sewing or crafts is required to work with felt? What is really necessary is to pay attention to the most used tips and techniques. All of the information ensures a nice run and a good result.
Felt Sandwich Bread Slice Sewing Tutorial

Felt Sandwich Bread Slice Sewing Tutorial & Pattern

Today we will make a delicious sandwich bread slice from felt! And in the end, we will have everything to make a perfect and healthy felt sandwich, along with sliced ​​cheese, salad leaves, and tomato slices.
Felt Fried Egg Sewing Tutorial

Felt Fried Egg Sewing Tutorial & Pattern

Making fried eggs from this felt was straightforward and took me about half an hour to complete. Stay tuned because I will have more lessons coming with free printable patterns.
Felt Bacon Sewing Tutorial

Felt Bacon Sewing Tutorial & Pattern

Felt bacon is easy to make and makes a great addition to the play kitchen. The Felt bacon tutorial includes a free printable pattern to make felt bacon yourself easily.
How to Make Felt Potatoes

How to Make Felt Potatoes

Felt potatoes make a great addition to other felt food toys. Felt potatoes offer a fun variety of perfect dishes for play kitchens, playsets, or grill sets.