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I grew up in a household where everything was done by hand, so I created a website dedicated to living a handcrafted lifestyle. I believe everyone can be creative, and my true passion is to design projects and teach skills accessible to crafters of all levels.
How to Care for Felt with Hair Spray

How to Care Felt with Hair Spray

You may already know that there are several ways to care for the felt to prevent unwanted lumps from forming. Some of these techniques, such as using thermocline or white glue, have already been discussed.
Felt Hand Puppet

Felt Hand Puppet Sewing Tutorial

Children can have a lot of fun making hand puppets and performing puppet shows. But rest assured that making a hand puppet is a reasonably simple effort. All you need are a few basic materials, some stability, and some instructions.
Best thread for sewing felt

Which Thread Is Best for Sewing Felt

Knowing which felting yarn is suitable for your DIY project is crucial in getting started with felting. In addition, the variety of sewing threads on the market enables different works to be created with felt.
How to Sew Felt Key Points

How to Sew Felt: Key Points

Still don't know how to sew felt? Do not despair because most people who are just starting to sew felt have doubts and fears. The good news is that making the four basic stitches for felt doesn't involve much mystery.