Felt Animal Keychain Tutorial & Free Pattern

A felt key chain can be an excellent alternative for making crafts with simple, practical, and inexpensive materials.
Felt Keychain Tutorial

A keychain makes it easy to find your keys in your purse. Keychains can also be reminders of memorable trips or cool places you’ve visited.

Felt Keychain Tutorial

Whether for aesthetic purposes or not, all key chains give keys a personality that reflects their owner. For example, suppose you’ve chosen to make your keychain because you couldn’t find a keychain that fits your name or you want to gift it to someone you love. In that case, you can use many options and materials to make the perfect keychain for your taste.

When I started making this cute little felt cat, I thought of making it a key chain. Still, after putting the first pieces together, I thought it would make incredible Christmas tree decorations too. Wouldn’t they also be cute hanging from a cell phone in their nursery?

You will need felt in various colors to make the felt cat keychain. Feel free to use whatever colors you want or copy what I did.

Felt decorations are typical mainly because they are an easy-to-use material and allow you to create various items such as characters, dolls, and flowers. In this article, you will learn how to make a felt cat keychain practically and quickly.

You can find the free Felt Keychain pattern at the bottom of the article and download it to your computer.

A felt key chain can be an excellent alternative for making crafts with simple, practical, and inexpensive materials. In today’s article, I will present you with a list of how to make a felt keychain.

Depending on your preference, you will also need a small amount of tape for the top loop and matching thread for each felt color for sewing. If you want to make these keychains, you will also need to buy keychains.

The felt cat keychain template below contains the main elements you need to cut out and trace onto felt. You will need to cut two pieces from each “body” element you will sew together.

I separated the thread strips into two layers and used a small tapestry needle to work the edges of each piece. Be sure to sew decorations such as eyes before sewing the two pieces of felt together.

Connect the body parts as well while sewing. I hand-stitched it, but you can also use hot glue. Finally, I lightly stuffed the “sizes” of each to give them a little dimension.

This much! Isn’t he the cutest cat you’ve ever seen?

How to Make a Felt Cat Keychain?

Before you start creating your beautiful felt cat keychain, you will need some basic materials to make them. Therefore, take note of the list of materials so as not to forget anything:

  • Felt in different colors
  • Erasable Pen or Magic Pen
  • Silicone adhesive (Optional)
  • Sewing needle
  • Sewing thread
  • Fiber
  • Keychain ring

Crafting your felt keychain will be easier if you have basic sewing skills, but don’t worry if you’re new to the craft world; I’ll teach you everything you need to know.

However, there are two key points to use to cover the pieces and give them the necessary and beautiful finish.

The first and most common point is the alignment point, also known as the seam. Therefore, thread the thread on the needle and pierce the fabric, leaving the thread knot hidden inside the part. Bring the needle forward and then back so that you make minor marks.

Avoid creating gaping seams and different sizes, which will not add any value to your piece.

Another common point is the buttonhole stitch, which gives a more excellent finish to the felt keychain. After threading the needle with the piece’s thread, insert the thread to the left and thread the needle in this “round,” then repeat the process across the piece.

Found it a little complicated? A felt keychain-making video will help you understand better!

Now that you’ve learned the main points and have all the supplies you need to create a felt keychain, you can start sewing by downloading the free felt cat keychain pattern below.

  1. Print the felt keychain pattern on the printer.
  2. Place the felt keychain pattern on the felt you will use and cut the felts into pieces according to the pattern.
  3. You can fix the felt pieces you cut to each other with the help of a needle so that they stay dry while sewing.
  4. First, start sewing the cat figure’s head and other face parts.
  5. Thread the brim and other details by hand.
  6. Before sewing the felt cat figure, leave some space at the top.
  7. Fill enough filling material into the gap you left and close the hole you left by sewing.
  8. Finally, fix the key chain by sewing it to the top.
  9. And voila, your felt keychain is ready! No more forgetting where the keys are 😊

If you are starting the felt craft for the first time, it is worth remembering that you can create several models from the same technique. So, the pattern, which can take the most diverse forms in the form of flowers, hearts, babies, and new and even the most successful children’s characters, will change from one piece to the next.

You can use the sheathed point or stitch, also known as align, to close felt works. Aside from mold selection, silicone fiber filler is another subtle variation that can occur from one keychain to the next, which makes the felt keychain bulkier and “fluffy.” Again, this material is optional but can create a fascinating effect.

Another way to make a felt keychain is with pet patterns such as owls, birds, and foxes. They are adorable and are also good ideas for children’s souvenirs. Another tip is to change the felt colors. For example, the bird can be blue with pink or white with red.

The precious thing is to unleash creativity!

Felt Cat Keychain as a Gift

The felt cat keychain is pure and adorable and is the kind of gift many people love to receive. Over the years, it has become a tradition to deliver souvenirs at the end of a party. And contrary to what many people think, these stunning pieces are not just limited to children. Even adults hope to win something at the end of the ceremony.

Creative and personalized souvenirs serve to thank each guest for their presence. And among the endless possibilities, the felt keychain stands out for its cuteness, beauty, versatility, and cost.

In addition to children’s garlands, felt allows for creating several very cool pieces. Among them, we can mention the felt keychain, the theme of today’s article. So make sure to catch everything because this post is super special!

Today’s tip is to produce a beautiful felt keychain ideal for gifting a few times and giving as a keepsake. Felt key chains are straightforward to make, attractive, and cost very cheap.

Sewing Activity for Kids

These felt animal keychains are also fun for kids to make with adult supervision. So, whether at a birthday party or a rainy Saturday event, these keychains are cute and fun to make.

This DIY felt heart keychain is a cute kid’s craft and an excellent first-hand kid’s felt project. It is a lovely handmade gift idea for your kids to make for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, teacher gifts, and other occasions.

Felt cat keychain craft can give them their first experience with threading a needle, making knots, sewing buttons, and moving stitches and whip stitches. Hang one on your keys or use it as decor in your kids’ backpacks or lunchboxes.

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