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How to Sew Felt Key Points

How to Sew Felt: Key Points

Still don't know how to sew felt? Do not despair because most people who are just starting to sew felt have doubts and fears. The good news is that making the four basic stitches for felt doesn't involve much mystery.
Draw and Cut Felt

How to Draw and Cut Felt – Tips for Felt Crafts Beginners

If you're a felt crafts beginner and want to learn how to make the perfect first steps of each felt piece, check out the tips below. If you want to learn how to draw felt correctly, make mirrored parts, and remove pencil scratches for excellent work, check out the information I have prepared for you!
Felt Filling

5 Felt Filling Tips to Perfect Your Felt Crafts

In felt sewing, all the details of a piece are essential to the result of a job. However, one aspect of the finish makes a lot of difference, and not everyone who works with felt crafts pays attention to these details.
How to Cut Small Felt Patterns

How to Cut Small Felt Patterns

Sewing with felt is so much fun! But how exactly do you cut out felt shapes, especially when the felt patterns are tiny? So today, I am sharing my favorite felt cutting tips with you.
felt crafts for beginners

Felt Crafts for Beginners – The Complete Guide

I'll talk about the materials and tools you need to help you take the first steps and get started with a felt sewing activity. I will also present you the pieces you can start applying immediately and the most used stitches for embroidering.
Felt Craft Information

Everything You Want to Know About Felt

As in every hobby type, very different and remarkable new techniques have been developed and used in hobby products that use fabric as the primary material. As a result, previously tough jobs are now completed in a short amount of time with efficient outcomes.